Jazmine Jorgen Fitness was built on a holistic approach to health and nutrition services.  It is my passion and mission to help individuals reach an overall state of wellbeing mind, body and soul. This is done by creating a bio-individualistic lifestyle, focusing on nutrition, physical activity, career, relationships, and a sense of spirituality to achieve and maintain the happiest and healthiest version of YOU possible.


6 Month One on One Holistic Health Coaching Package

This package is for individuals seeking not only nutritional guidance but a deeper understanding of themselves, their life and their values, which is necessary to create a lifestyle in which one can thrive on a deeper level. You can eat well and workout consistently but if you are out of alignment in other areas of your life, you will find that the health and wellness you are striving for is lost in translation. With this program we will meet twice a month in person for 1 hour each session, covering topics such as: nutrition, home cooking,  physical activity, health & wellness, relationships, social life, career, finances, spirituality, creativity, education and joy. At the end of each session you will walk away with new principles to apply in your own life to help bridge the gap between you and the best version of you possible. By the end of this program you will not have only have a wealth of knowledge and deeper understanding of yourself, but you will have a new perspective on what living life to the fullest truly means, and what the happiest and healthiest version of you truly is. 



Initial health history session

12 health coaching sessions (2 per month)

Bio-Individual nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and behavioral recommendations, support and accountability

Handouts and supplemental literature/tools/supplements

Weekly check in’s via email 

Access during business hours (M-F 9am - 5pm) via email

Average of $200.00 per month x 6 months = $1200.00

* Payments options: 

1 time payment will receive 10% discount ($1080.00 for 6 months)

2 time payment will receive 5% discount ($1140.00 for 6 months)

* One payment upon sign up and one payment before the 6th session

3 time payment no discount applicable $1200.00

*One payment upon sign up, one payment before the 5th session, one payment before the 9th session


12 Week Bio Individual Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Package

This package is for individuals seeking both the nutritional guidance and knowledge necessary to obtain a physically fit body from the inside-out. With this approach I will teach you a new way to thrive in life through proper nutrition derived from primarily whole food sources. My goal is to help you achieve balanced, non restrictive and sustainable eating habits. With this revolutionary program you will learn how to take control of your own nutrition and health practices  and will be able to transition from surviving to thriving.


Weekly bio-individual meal plan

Bio-Individual nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and behavioral recommendations, support and accountability

Handouts and supplemental literature/tools/supplements

Weekly check in’s via email 

Access during business hours (M-F 9am - 5pm) via email

Average of $200.00 per month x 3 months = $600.00

*Payments  options:

1 time payment receive 10% discount ($540.00 for 12 weeks)

3 payments for $200.00 with no discount applicable 


12 Week Macronutrient Adjustment Package

This package is for individuals who have successfully completed Bio Individual Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Package and perfectly suited for individuals with experience in tracking their macronutrient intake but are seeking someone to add accountability to your routine with weekly check ins and weekly intake adjustments based off your specific goals.


Weekly Macronutrient Adjustments

Bio-Individual nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and behavioral recommendations, support and accountability

Handouts and supplemental literature/tools/supplements

Weekly check in’s via email 

Access during business hours (M-F 9am - 5pm) via email

Average of $100.00 per month x 3 months = $300.00

* Payments can be made monthly or 1 time payments can be arranged


12 Week Customized Training Package

I will work with you and your body to correct dysfunction, eliminate pain and help you sculpt a physique you are proud of. However, this is not accomplished by traditional and failing methods of "No Pain, No Gain". Lasting results take time, you have to correct dysfunction before adding on layers of volume and intensity. Working together we will find the perfect balance between mobility/correctional work, resistance training and weaving more movement into your day organically.


Monthly Customized Workouts

Movement Recommendations

Supplement Advice

Access to me via Email/Text/Telephone

Average of $150.00 per month x 3 months = $450.00

*Payment Options:

1 time payment receive 10% discount ($405.00 for 12 weeks)

3 monthly payments for $150.00 with no discount applicable 


One on One in Person Training Session
(For Local Clientele Only)

This service is for individuals seeking one on one, personalized attention in their training to assist in reaching fitness, athletic and/or physique centered goals. Focusing on functional and correct movement patterns through correctional work (when necessary), mobility, strength training, endurance and/or conditioning work. Spots are limited.


Complimentary Initial Assessment

In Person Training Session

Access to me via Email/Text/Telephone


45 minute session: $45.00 per session

60 minute session: $60.00 per session

*** Number of sessions per clients request. 


Pantry Makeover

Are you and your family stuck in a rut with your food choices? Are you ready to take you and your family's overall understanding of food and nutrition to the next level? Then you are ready for a pantry make over. With this in home service you will discover your family's eating patterns, learn how to properly read food labels, discover what good habits and choices you are already making and of course what could be improved or removed. And if you're up for it, we will toss out the old and make room for the new!


In Person Makeover Session 

Average of $75.00/hour with a 1 hour minimum 

* PLUS 10% off any (1) future program/package


Supermarket Tour

With this wonderful in person service, we will take time to explore your local grocery store or market, identify your traditional shopping strategy and how we can improve upon it to keep you and your family happy, healthy and thriving. From learning how to shop the perimeter to properly reading nutrition labels and food packaging claims, by the end of our visit you will have all the tools you need to be an expert in the supermarket. 


In Person Supermarket Tour

Average of $75.00/hour with 1 hour minimum

*PLUS 10% off any (1) future package/program


In Home Cooking Lesson

As a nutrition, health and fitness coach, the biggest challenges clients often face are in the kitchen. Whether it is a time consuming act of cooking or a lack of know how, this can be a huge frustration! Well no need to fear, for I am here! With this program I will show you how to cook and prep meals for yourself and your family, to set you and yours up for success all week long. This is a fun opportunity for you to explore your and your family members inner chef and truly develop a life long skill that can serve for generations to come. 


In Person Cooking Lesson

Average of $75.00/hour with 2 hour minimum + reimbursement of groceries purchased

* PLUS 10% off any (1) future program/package



The Road to Self Discovery

My fitness journey began at a very young age, I was involved in gymnastics, dance, cheer, volley ball and Tae Kwon Do in my formative years. But I don't think my story truly began until the  age of 15 in the wake of my brother Joshua's death, which left an unfathomable and infinite hole in the heart of our family. In an effort to take control of life and escape it all the same, I began running avidly, weight lifting regularly and restricted my food intake obsessively. As hard as I tried to identify myself as a person in the process I ended up being swallowed by my own grief and fell into a cycle of body dysmorphia and eating disorders. Over the years I would have moments of remission and found myself rebound from 115lbs all the way to 150lbs. Extreme life events would either trigger my necessity to take control or just loose control all together. In May 2010 a series of circumstances forever changed my life...  I lost my father Jason tragically just weeks before I was to walk at graduation. Again, succumbed to my own grief I sought an outlet, a sanctuary to escape from life's cruel intentions, and that's when I found yoga. My ultimate release, a practice where I could push myself and learn to love myself all the same. Eventually, as years past and the heartache became easier to mute I found myself slowly crawling out of the vicious cycle I was in. I found something I loved, something I needed and so in July 2013 I made one the best decision in my life- to become a certified yoga instructor and since then I have not looked back. 


My ardor for health studies and naturopathic medicine grew tremendously from my journey of being an avid yoga practicer to a certified yoga instructor. From there I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies from the University of Washington, while also achieving certification in Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). Soon after graduating from the University of Washington, I started my own Health and Fitness Coaching practice, Jazmine Jorgen Fitness and have successfully ran that business for over 3 years. Helping transform and educate hundreds of individuals and families through dietary and lifestyle changes. As of late I have been studying with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to hone in on my coaching and business skills with a Certification in Holistic Nutrition Health Coaching. However, all my previous and current education are just the foundational stepping stones as I am currently enrolled in a Masters Program in Applied Nutrition. 

My deepest passion lies in educating and inspiring others on how to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle. And it is my mission to provide the education and resources necessary to promote holistic healing and health at both individual and communal levels. 



Real life testimonials from real life people.



12 Week Educational Program Client

Why did you seek your training through Jazmine Jorgen Fitness:

I needed a change and needed a mentor

How long have you worked with Jazmine in your health and fitness journey: 

I completed the 3 months

What changes have you noticed physically since working with Jazmine: 

I lost approximately 25 pounds and have kept it off!

What changes have you noticed mentally/emotionally since working with Jazmine: 

I felt better eating clean and noticed I had more energy, slept better and seeing the weight drop made me look at my self more positively,.

Has your investment in Jazmine Jorgen Fitness been beneficial in more than one facet of your life: 

Not sure, but I think because I felt better inside and out, it impacted how I treated myself and others.

What is the most valuable asset/knowledge you’ve gained since working with Jazmine: 

Looking at food differently, making better eating choices, knowing that I can eat clean and it’s good ☺  I still make the recipes I was given.

Please share your overall experience with Jazmine and Jazmine Jorgen Fitness in your own words: 

Jazmine is the kindest, most sincere person who pours her heart and soul in to her work. She treats people with the utmost respect and takes time out of her day to answer questions and truly listens to the needs of her clients.  I felt as though I could’ve been her only client at the time because she seemed to always be there when I had questions! I would go back in an instant for more guidance from Jazmine. She is very knowledgeable and helpful.